Friday, November 30, 2012

Oracle Java Broke Final Cut Server Clients

Update 10/10/2014:
This article is for historical purpose only, please refer to for the most up-to-date info.

Update 02/04/2013:
Oracle has released Java 7 Update 13, so no modification to Xprotect is needed.

Java 7 Update 13 - confirmed working with OS 10.8.2

Update 02/01/2013:
Apple marked Java 7 Update 11 as malware, so anything pre-Java 7 Update 11 is blocked and therefore stopped all Final Cut Server clients. My friend +Chun-Hsien Wu gave me pointers again to help restore functionality, so  I wrote another application based on the info. to unlock/unblock Java 7. Here's the link to the app.:

It worked for me, but let me know if it worked for you.

------------------ 11/30/2012
Java 7 Update 9 - working with OS 10.7.5.
Java 7 Update 11 - working with OS 10.8.2.

Let me know if you know any other versions that work.

If you have a need to revert back to Java 6 on your Mac, you have at least these two options:
  1. Follow Apple's Guide: Java for OS X 2012-006: How to re-enable the Apple-provided Java SE 6 applet plug-in and Web Start functionality
  2. Use my application: The application will revert your Mac back to Java 6, but it will also allow you to install an older version of Java 7. For example, if Java 7 Update 12 doesn't work and you want to revert back to Java 7 Update 11, you can use my application to go back to Java 6 then reinstall Java 7 Update 11.
After you have either upgraded or downgraded your Java you might need to go back to your Final Cut Server landing page to re-download the Final Cut Server client again for it to work properly, so don't forget about this step.

Historical Reference Below:

Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while because I'm in job transition, but this particular problem is not easily fixed and affects a lot of people running Final Cut Server, so I decided to do my part to help the community.

Let's clear up the confusion first.

As I understanding it. Apple has been releasing their flavor of Java since the earliest version of Mac OS X, but now they have decided to go main stream. I guess Tim Cook is a bit more relaxed compared to Steve Jobs about not controlling everything so tightly.

Java 6 build was the last Apple released Java via their Software Update service, but it's actually a Apple Java remover. It removes the existing Apple Java and puts a place holder for users to go to Oracle's site to download the latest version, which has now shift to Java 7.

The bad news is that Oracle's Java 7 Update 1 thru 8 DOES NOT work with Final Cut Server and there is not an easy way to revert this. I have been searching all over the place and nothing really worked or only worked half way. Lucky for me I had a Java Developer friend, Chun-Hsien Wu, that provided some help. This means that the latest Java build that I know works with Final Cut Server is Apple's Java 6 build So, I decided to put together this to help revert it back to build especially to help those using Final Cut Server.

The application will remove the new Java and replace it with the old working version and link everything back up.

Download the app from:

So far I have only tested this on my Mountain Lion machine.

Let me know if this helps you or if you have any questions.


The MacDaddy said...

Thanks for this fix. We've been scratching our heads for the past few days on this.

Meza Hsu said...

Glad I can be of help :-)

Wang D.J. said...

thanks for your file!!

I tired this update,it runs very soon, i don't think its really update the java,but when i try java -version,it did show

but when i try the application on the web,still not working,any idea?

Meza Hsu said...

Hi DJ, which application are you trying to run? I have only tested this against Final Cut Server.

I assume you have either Lion or Mountain Lion right?

What happens when you use your browser and go to the Final Cut Server landing page? Does it tell you:

Java 1.5 or later is required to run Final Cut Server.

Download Java here.
Once the installation is complete, click here to continue.
You may need to restart your browser first.

If this is the case, go ahead and click "here" to continue. Final Cut Server client will work just fine.

Peter Zen said...

Thanks very much to mister Hsu and mister Wu. I now have my client working again. The challenge now is to deploy this to 300+ clients in my network, all running Lion.

David Beard said...

Hi Meza. We have the same problem running Lion. We downloaded and ran your application successfully. At the FCS landing page, we chose click "here" to continue but to no avail. It appears that after running the application that Java was completely removed from our system. We ran our of time today to further test but will do so tomorrow. Hopefully we will hear back from you with some suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Meza Hsu said...

Good news to everyone. I have tested Java 7u9 and 7u11. They are both working with Final Cut Server.

Andrew O'Hara said...

Absolute life saver. We run FC Server in a broadcast environment and when one of our macs failed it was replaced with a late 2012 Mac Mini. Downloaded and ran this and Final Cut Server works without a hitch.

Thank you

Meza Hsu said...

David, if you are running Lion, I suggest using Java 7 Update 9 not Update 11.

Christian Rath said...

i'm running fcs on a mac mini (10.6.8.) here with jre 1.6.0_17. since yesterday everthing was fine, logging in with my 2 clients (mbp 10.8.2+jre 1.6.0_35; macpro 10.8.2+jre 1.6.0_35) but now i cant login anymore. i've tried your application but without success. i can only login to fcs on the server itself, not on the clients. if i want to login with a client it says (translation from german): cannot start application. if you click on "details" it says, that "it would need jre 1.5* to run which is not installed"?!?

any help to slove this would be really great!

Christian Rath said...

@Meza Hsu: you've mentioned above that java7u9 works with fcs. i've downloaded it now, and installed it on my mbp. if i open terminal it still says that im running 1.6.0_35. in the java prefrence pain it says 1.7.0_09. now i'm totally confused?!? also another revert with you application didnt get fcs running again. it would be really, really great i've you could give me a hint how to get this working again. thanks again.

Meza Hsu said...

Hey guys. I'm writing up something and testing it right now. Will post when done later today, but what's happening now is due to Apple's silent push to disable Java due to security problems with the current version.

Leonardo Oliveira said...

Hey everyone, also suffering from the Java block from Apple in all my clients machines... found today a nice workaround by these guys at Moovit, they pulled out the webstart from the FCS client, then it installs like a regular App and seems to work nicely.

Here's the link:

Meza Hsu said...

Okay, I think I got it working please see link above in the update section.

Meza Hsu said...

Leonardo, thanks for this info. and link! That's very helpful!

javier said...

thank you guys this has been really helpful. we're working on it right now, i'll update as soon as possible

javier said...

downloading the .dmg worked great

Arthur S said...

We are on OSX 10.8.2. In the end the Java revert to 1.5 steps did not work (script and manual). Updating to newest Java 1.7 and downloading the worked!!! Thanks.

Robyn Holmes said...

Have a user that cannot launch Final Cut Server. A few months ago one of the PC techs saw there were updates to run on his Mac and ran them all. We have had a talk. Finally found this and used the Java Unblocker and user was then able to use FCS. Last week he lost the ability again. I have tried Java Unblocker, Apple Java Revert, installed Java 7 Update 9, tried the Final Cut from Nothing works, the app launches properly but will only display "Connection Closed" whether a good name/password combination is used or not, and it does list the proper server.
I'm not sure this is a java issue, java -version returns "1.6.0_35". Have used the Java app to clear all it's caches.
Anything else to try before completely rebuilding him?

Meza Hsu said...

Robyn, which OS are you running?

Robyn Holmes said...

Oops, 10.7.5. Just cloned a new drive for him from our stock videographer's image and Final Cut Server worked. Ran updates, NOT including any java updates, and it is again giving the Connection Closed.

Robyn Holmes said...

Gave up on him and rebuilt from an image for these guys. I found out we are on Final Cut Server 1.1.1, we have 1.5 purchased but have never applied the upgrade since their workflow works. We have other videographers on 10.7.2 and 10.7.3, this MacBook Pro was updated to 10.7.5 when another update was run, at that point Final Cut Server stopped working. Could very well be combination of old server and new client OS breaking something. We're going to try imaging a spare MBP sometime and see which update actually breaks it.

Meza Hsu said...

For those of you who need an equivalent Windows client, check this out: